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Welcome to! Most people think it’s very difficult and time consuming to buy a silencer. The truth is – Silencers are very simple to obtain. Yes, they are legal. Yes, you can buy one. No, you don’t need any special license. Check out our Silencers 101 section where we provide a plethora of useful information about silencers from how they work mechanically and which one is right for you, to the laws regarding them. At, we strive to make your silencer purchase as simple, affordable and painless as possible. Really, all you need to do is pick the silencer you want, we’ll do the rest!

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We stock popular models from all of the industry’s finest manufacturers like – SilencerCo, SWR, Yankee Hill Machine Co (YHM), Advanced Armament Corp (AAC), Surefire, Gemtech, Liberty SuppressorsDead Air Armament, OSS and many more!

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Most buyers end up with 3 silencers – one for rimfire, one for centerfire pistols and one for centerfire rifles. The reason being, with a .22, .45 & good .30 caliber silencer one is able to suppress a whole fleet of firearms! A quality .22 rimfire silencer is capable of suppressing .22LR/WMR, .17HMR/WSM, and even the popular 5.7x28MM Five Seven round. A quality Centerfire .45 pistol silencer can suppress any pistol cartridge smaller than .45 ACP – like .40S&W, 10MM, .357SIG, .9MM, .380ACP, etc. A quality centerfire .30 cal rifle silencer is generally capable of suppressing anything smaller than .300WM like .308WIN, 7.62x51MM, 7.62x39MM, .300AAC Blackout, 5.56MM, .223Rem and many more. If, however, you shoot mostly one caliber and would like maximum suppression, you should buy a one sized for that particular caliber as this will provide you with the quietest results.